Hourly, Fee-Only financial planning and investment management.

We are a firm that prides itself on objectivity and a holistic approach to advising, as we continually look at your changing needs.

  • Are you confident about the financial decisions you are making?
  • Or, do you feel like you are uncertain as to whether you can retire from work and enjoy your life?

You may feel like you are in the fog with some areas of your finances, making it difficult to see ahead. ¬†Know that it doesn’t have to be this way.

Financial Avenues, LLC will guide you towards making smarter financial decisions.  Simple directions will provide a road map for you; the fog will be lifted, and you will have a clear vision and understanding towards what you need to reach your destination.

How are financial advisors paid?
This video explains the three models in which financial advisors are paid.
Learn how you would pay for services through Financial Avenues.